Florida Felon Possession of Firearm: Charges & Penalties

A felony conviction in Florida can lead to significant consequences, including lengthy prison terms and substantial fines. Even after serving their sentence, felons face additional restrictions, such as the loss of their right to own firearms. If you are found with a firearm and have a prior felony conviction, you can be charged with a serious offense in Florida.

Possession of firearms by a convicted felon is a grave offense that carries severe penalties, including incarceration and heavy fines. If you are facing charges for this crime, it is crucial to seek competent legal counsel immediately. Contact Manderscheid Law Firm at 727-828-3900 for a free consultation with a Tampa Bay Criminal Defense Attorney.

Can Felons Own Guns in Florida?

According to Florida Statute SS790.23, felons are prohibited from possessing or controlling firearms, ammunition, or electric weapons. This statute also prohibits felons from carrying concealed weapons, including devices like tear gas guns.

In Florida, a convicted felon is someone who has been found guilty of a crime punishable by imprisonment for more than one year. Additionally, individuals convicted of felonies in other jurisdictions who violate these laws can also face charges for felon in possession of firearms.

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